Trados Studio XML Analysis Report Viewer

Trados Studio XML Analysis Report Viewer

The Trados Studio XML Analysis Report Viewer is a free tool for reading XML logs generated in SDL Trados Studio. Translators receiving such files have no easy way of viewing them in a quick and meaningful way, forcing them to request help or extra information from the sender of the file.

This tool provides a simple user interface for loading such XMLs, presenting the contained information in a concise, straightforward manner. In addition to XML logs, this tool is also able to access Trados Studio Project Packages (.sdlppx files), presenting the included XML analysis reports in the same way. It’s worth mentioning that both of these functions (viewing directly XML logs or XMLs from SDLPPXs) do not require the use or presence of Trados Studio. This feature makes it an ideal companion to translators that do not use or have Trados Studio.

Known limitations of version 1.0:

  • Does not support SDLPPXs with multiple XML report files (applicable to multi-language packages only)
  • Does not support internal fuzzy matches in XML reports


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To download the Trados Studio XML Analysis Report Viewer (version 1.0), click on the below button:

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The application uses the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 so you might be requested to install it if not present. Usually, this is already installed on your system.

Important: Your web browser and/or Windows operating system may, incorrectly, flag the download/application as not safe. The reason for this is that the software has not been signed with a developer’s certificate. Since I’m not a professional developer, and certificates cost money, the tool has been left unsigned. If you’re still uncertain, you can easily scan the file with your anti-virus software and see for yourself.

Note: If you find this tool useful enough in your day-to-day work, please consider sustaining this effort by either donating any amount of money, buying a copy of my book, or purchasing my app. This site has no other revenue stream other than the aforementioned ones, to cover expenses like domain/hosting costs. Please help keep it ad-free and with a future.

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