TM Match Matrix Calculator (online version)

TM Match Matrix Calculator (online version)

Decipher those pesky Translation Memory logs and easily calculate the weighted word count and payment for your projects, with this free online tool.

This is a free, online version of one component of my app, the Weighted Words Calculator (Tab 1). But, you won’t get the ability to save and load your own rate scheme, or save the results in a nice HTML file for later reference.

Click on this link to go to the online tool. Alternatively, you can access it in the right sidebar, under the section Online Translation Tools.

Note: If you find this tool useful enough in your day-to-day work, please consider sustaining this effort by either donating any amount of money, buying a copy of my book, or purchasing my app. This site has no other revenue stream other than the aforementioned ones, to cover expenses like domain/hosting costs. Please help keep it ad-free and with a future.

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About Petro Dudi
Petro Dudi is an American expat residing the last two decades in Athens, Greece. His professional career revolves around the Translation & Localization Industry for more than 17 years, having translated or project managed numerous projects for tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM/Lotus, Adobe, Symantec, GE Energy, Caterpillar, Toshiba, LaCie, Canon, Sony, Nokia, Bosch, Siemens etc. Petro is also the author of "Translation 101: Starting Out As A Translator", and the creator of the "Translation101 Toolkit" software.
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