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Hi there!

My name is Petro Dudi and you could say I’m a kind of a veteran in the Translation/Localization Industry, with more than 17 years of hands-on experience. I started out as freelance translator, translating mostly technical material but also getting into the voice-over/subtitle script translation business (working for Studios such as Lumiere, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, etc.).

Industry Experience

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The turning point in my career was when I got hired by Archetypon SA (now defunct, unfortunately). Archetypon was a leading European IT company, with offices in Greece, Ireland, Latvia and Lithuania. Its three main departments were: IT Solutions, Translation & Software Localization, Software Testing. I was hired for the translation department but, by the end of my term at the company, ended up being involved with all three of them. Thanks to my technical prowess and management abilities, I was gradually rushed from the position of in-house translator/localizer to that of Senior Localization Project Manager. Before I knew it, I was project managing the localized versions of Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition and, later on, kicking off the localization efforts for Microsoft Office XP (at Microsoft’s European Product Development Center in Blackrock, Ireland). Numerous Microsoft projects followed in the next years, along with some from Symantec, Sun Microsystems (also defunct!), Oracle, IBM/Lotus, just to name a few. In 2005 I participated in the EU-funded IGNITE consortium, representing Archetypon SA, along with Pass Engineering (makers of PASSOLO), VeriTest, Vivendi Games and the Localisation Research Centre (LRC) from the University of Limerick. IGNITE’s function was to work out a model for Localisation 2.0, by designing processes and frameworks for the certification of tools and technologies that promoted industry standards.

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Seeing that the boat was kind of tipping at one end, I decided to move on before being too late. Thanks to my obtained localization experience with all those Microsoft products, I was called upon by LTES, a language and training solutions company that by that time was partially involved with the localization of Microsoft Windows Vista. They needed my Microsoft software localization expertise, so I agreed to help out and got hired as Localization Manager. After having it successfully completed (or in MS lingo, released to manufacturing), I stayed a bit more and managed translation projects from GE Medical, Tyco Healthcare, Hachette, Coca Cola, Miele, and so on. But again, the time had come for me to seek a new challenge.

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That challenge materialized as a company with the name Vanenberg Globalization Solutions. Their up-and-coming translation department was experiencing a kind of disruption in their workflow, due to the increasing volume of translation work. So, who better to step in than a guy like me with so much project management experience? I was, thus, hired as the Production Director, and within a short period managed to set up the translation department in such a way as to accept and handle successfully any volume of work. My term with Vanenberg had me also setting up an in-house TMS (Translation Management System), standardizing the company under certain CAT Tool platforms, and updating their Vendor Management selection process. Once everything was up and running smoothly, it was again time for me to find the next challenge.

The Future

After some serious contemplation, I figured out that what makes me really happy is providing my technical know-how to situations that require it. Nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment once the problem or issue is gone. And, the harder the problem the higher the thrill!

So here we are. My book, my app, and this website is my starting point for applying my knowledge of the Translation/Localization Industry’s tools, processes and methodologies to everyone’s benefit. And, without wanting to reveal too much, you’ll find out in the near future about my next moves in this industry; they’ll be something you’ll surely value and that will help you out in your day-to-day translation business. But, one step at a time.

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About Petro Dudi
Petro Dudi is an American expat residing the last two decades in Athens, Greece. His professional career revolves around the Translation & Localization Industry for more than 17 years, having translated or project managed numerous projects for tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM/Lotus, Adobe, Symantec, GE Energy, Caterpillar, Toshiba, LaCie, Canon, Sony, Nokia, Bosch, Siemens etc. Petro is also the author of "Translation 101: Starting Out As A Translator", and the creator of the "Translation101 Toolkit" software.